Wednesday, May 4, 2011


So we have been out of the hospital for about a week now. Things have been going ok, he is finally getting a little relief from the neuropathy. The only downside to that is that the medication he takes makes him super sleepy. So needless to say he is finally sleeping through the night, ....through the morning.... through the afternoon...and somtimes through the evening. I decided its because of all the amazing people out there that prayed for him to get some sleep. Well people we need to ease up on the sleeping prayers now:) Just kidding, ha sorta. I know that all the prayers are really helping and I guess I would rather see him sleep than see him toss an turn all throughout the day and night because he is in pain. So he is doing better in some and not so good in others. He has a hard time walking around because his pain in his feet and also some bad muscle and tendon tightness most likely from being down so much. He also has lots of random spouts of intense sweating, no fever, just a lot of sweating.

So the plan from here on out is we go up to the hospital for several appointments in the next week. He will be admitted to the hospital for his transplant on May 15th. This means he will be out of the hospital for the benefit concert, as for whether Shawn will be there or not we will not know until its closer. He really wants to be there for it to say thanks to all those who are coming and helping with it but we aren't sure if he will be strong enough to be there and be around so many people. If you haven't heard about the concert check out We would love to see as many people there as possible. There will also be an auction and raffle with sweet prizes. One including a trip to Hawaii!!

If you get the standard examiner watch our for an article on the concert and our story it should be in the paper tomorrow 5-5-11. It was really neat the person that came to take our photos was really great. I told him how Shawn was not too excited to get his picture taken because of his bells palsy. Turns out our photographer also has bells palsy so he was really good trying to take the picture on his good side.

So all in all things I think have taken a small turn for the better. We continue to feel all the love and prayers form everyone out there.

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Emily Meyerhoffer said...

I loved the article! And congratulations on graduating, Erin!

You two are awesome, we're excited for the concert!