Thursday, September 16, 2010

One Year!

Drive in


So as always its been a while since I have posted. Life is going wonderful! Me and Shawn celebrated our first year anniversary!! Crazy I know, I still feel like its only been a few months. We went to St. George and saw Tarzan at the Tuacan theater. It was really fun.

Besides that this summer has been amazing! Amber came to visit which was way fun and went way too fast. We did tons of fun stuff with her like bear lake, dinosaur park, Lagoon, swimming, and lots more. We also have had two new additions to the fam, cute little hadley and Brynlee. Me and Shawn played lots of volleyball and actually took first place in a coed doubles tournament in salt lake out of 32 teams! It was so fun and we won $70 to the gateway!

School is back in session and so far hasn't been too bad. With school starting we bought ourselves a new laptop. We are finally getting internet at our apartment too so school will be tons easier this semester. Can you imagine having all online classes with no internet and no computer? Well lets just say there were some late nights spent at my parents house the past two semesters.

With fall also comes all the sports. So far luckily we are only in four leagues. Shawns too flag football leagues and a womens volleyball league for me and a coed volleyball league for both of us. Good news it will be tons of fun and keep us in shape. Bad news I rolled my ankle in game one and it appears I have elephantitis with some sweet black and green bruises. But I can walk on it and I think nothing is torn so we will play on! O yeah and we are playin with my family in the coed league! Team name- Schmoke a larm. Long story...\

So overall life has been so busy and fun and hopefully with internet the internet and computer I will be able to stay more updated.
Here are some pics of the last while! Since I only get on about once a year everytime I have to relearn how to post everytime. So they are a little unorganized. Pics are of our wedding, Dinosaur Park, Ogden Rodeo, and Waterfall canyon

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Its been a while...

OK so a lot has happened over the past year. Since its almost Valentines again I don't even have to change my background..sad. Im not sure if its even worth updating because Im sure by now anyone who once looked at my blog has given up on me. But for anyone that still does.. here you go, patience payed off:)

Obviously from the name change, i got married!! But a few things happened before that. Shawn came home and things basically picked up right where they left off. We decided on marriage about three days after he got home and he asked my dad if he could marry me about 2 days later. Ha we don't mess around I know. I graduated with my RN in July of 2009, hallelujah, I thought it would never end. Me and Shawn were married in the bountiful temple for time and all eternity on September 10th. It was such a beautiful day thanks to my very talented mother. I don't know any other woman in the whole world than can plan such an amazing wedding in less than two months!! I love her to death.

Me and Shawn are both attending Weber State. For some reason Im attending more school, cuz some joe blow from somewhere or another told me that it could maybe help with jobs I want in the future. Haha so here I am again, this time getting my bachelors in nursing. Shawn is wanting to be an engineer and taking lots of hard math and physics type classes that I pretend to understand when he tells me about them. He actually loves learning which is probably the only difference between the two of us.

My sister Nicki is pregnant with her first. And my sister in law Melissa is also pregnant, with her second. We got to see my sister from Pennsylvania when she came to our wedding with her cute family. I love them all so much and wish I could see them more often. They are doing well with their four kids. Mom and Dad ironically have now officially been in the singles ward longer than me:) My dad serving in the bishopric and mom helping out with all the other odds and ends of the singles ward.

So now me and Shawn are loving life. Filling our days with school, work, playing volleyball together, watching shawn play basketball and spending time with both of our families that we love very much!! So here are a few pics of my life the past year.