Saturday, October 25, 2008

Nursing Fun!!

Here are a few pics of my friends from nursing. Im lucky to have such fun friends there! We do things together to try and stay sane in between all the studying and tests. This past week we went on a hike, it was so pretty! And the week before we all went to dinner and a Haunted house together it was a blast!

Monday, October 13, 2008


Alright so this is a pretty funny story i couldn't pass up telling anyone who wants to listen. So the horn in my car has not worked for a long time now, and when i took it in to get registered they told me i needed to fix it before it would pass. So my dad being the super dad he is, told me he would do it. Well the next day i was driving home from work and randomly my horn starts honking with no initiation on my part. Luckily i was pretty close to home and it didn't cause too much embarrassment. Well i totally forgot about it until i drove to school today. For those of you who don't know i go to the DATC in kaysville, roughly a 45 minute drive in morning traffic. Right as i am getting off the exit my horn starts freakin out! Don't even worry that im stopped at the light and there are cars all around me just staring. Then the whole rest of the way to school it continues to honk, some long in duration, others sparatic and short. I can't even imagine what every car around me was thinking, not to mention i passed several joggers. It started out as very embarrassing, then frustrating as nothing i tried, or hit would turn it off. But, by the time i got to school i was laughing uncontrollably. Those are the best times when your alone and something is so funny you can just laugh outloud. Hope you all got a laugh out of this as well!